Pool Maintenance Tips
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New Pool or Season Start-Up:

  1. Add water to proper level and start equipment.
  2. Add Spencer Metal Out or Spencer Super Sequest as directed, circulate.
  3. Add Spencer Shock Out at 1 lb. Per 10,000 gallons and circulate overnight.
  4. If using Tabs or Sticks add to feeder or skimmer.
  5. Next Day: test alkalinity/pH and start adjusting if necessary with muratic/hydrochloric acid @ 1 pint per 10,000 gallons or pH down @ 1 lb. Per 10,000 gallons to lower. Repeat if necessary, every 4 hours. If alkalinity or pH is too low, add Spencer Alkalinity Control first, before adjusting pH.
  6. If pool is not clearing because of too much algae, brush down side walls and re-shock, using liquid chlorine, add clarifier and circulate.
  7. If pool is clearing, now is the time to add algaecide as directed.


  1. Add Spencer Metal Out It protects the pool from stains, scale and rust. (Also, being mineral is algaeís favorite form of food, it starves algae.)
  2. Add clarifier if necessary (It coagulates the small particles that cloud water so that the filter can remove them.)
  3. Check chlorine/pH/alkalinity. Adjust as necessary.
  4. Shock after a heavy bather load, heavy rain, or a sudden chlorine loss.
  5. Add our Spencer Concentrated Algaecide once every two weeks.
  6. Backwash filter, use Filter Wash to keep filter sand cleaner, longer.

Timely Tips: 

  1. Donít chemically try to treat a pool with equipment problems. Poor circulation and/or filtration will use up a lot of chemicals and wonít work. Fix the problem first.
  2. Always test water before adding chemicals. Treating for the wrong thing costs $$$$. If in doubt, bring in water sample.
  3. Keep your chlorine count 1.5 to 3ppm, youíll have fewer problems.
  4. If water starts to smell like chlorine, it has gone into combination and itís time to shock and using Spencer Shock Out lets your family continue to swim, no long waiting.
  5. Itís easier to prevent than correct. Best of all, itís less costly and you wonít lose part of your all too short swimming season.


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