Spa Maintenance Tips
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Opening: Initial Treatment 

  1. Upon filling spa, add Spencer Stain & Scale (2 oz. for 300 gallon or over)
  2. Add clarifier and test water for alkalinity and pH. Always adjust for alkalinity first, pH will follow alkalinity.
  3. Use pH down to lower both pH and alkalinity at the rate of 1 oz. per 100 gallons, can repeat every couple of hours until alkalinity reads between 80 and 100ppm.
  4. To hold alkalinity, add 1 tbs. Spencer Alkalinity Control per 100 gallons (this product both raises, if necessary and holds in proper range. (Wait 24 hours before further adjusting the pH.)

Sanitizer Choices: 

  1. Two part systems: Spencer Brom Bank, added weekly, with Spencer Brom Start (shock treatment) added after using spa.
  2. Spencer Brom Tabs with Spencer Brom Start (shock treatment) used weekly.

Weekly Needs: 

  1. Use your test strips. Adjust alkalinity and pH as necessary. Be sure sanitizer levels are in range.
  2. Add: 1 oz. Spencer Stain & Scale and clarifier or Spencer Protection Plus.
  3. Clean surface and scum line. (Spencer Wall Brite is a good product for that purpose)
  4. Clean or change filter cartridge if necessary.
  5. Spencer Oil Eater enzyme added to the spa regularly will minimize scum line and also helps keep filter cleaner.

Timely Tips

  1. Always test before treating with chemicals. Treating for the wrong problem is costly and may result in more problems, donít be afraid to call for advice.
  2. In a spa, less is best.
  3. Drain and refill on a regular basis. Can be as often as monthly or as long as four months, depends on usage.
  4. Your filter does half the work, so keep a spare, clean and change often. A clogged filter will also keep your spa from heating up properly.
  5. Shock treat after heavy use (like a spa party) or partially drain and refill.
  6. Use de-foamer sparingly. If you canít control the foam after shocking, you may need to add fresh water.


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